Milton Methodist Church

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Holy Spirit Experiences

We have begun a new project, inviting people to share their experience of God and the Holy Spirit. People from different walks of life and ministries within the church will be sharing and encouraging each other as we look to grow nearer to Jesus.

                         Holy Spirit Painting

We will be sharing the videos here and also on Facebook. We hope they enrich your understanding of how God moves in his peoples lives and show you that although we all encounter the same God we experience him differently and are blessed with different gifts.

Rob Missen

Our Senior Steward kicked off the series with a video filmed in his garden. He set us going with an honest reflection and heartfelt commitment to keep moving forward. 


Thank you Rob for encouraging us all to have a think.

Lin Turner

Lin a valued member of our pastoral team was uncomfortable being recorded but she wrote about her experience. Zoe has voiced this and created a video for us.


Angie Hoare

Rev. Angie giving us her experiences of walking with him and encouraging us to not compare our individual walk to anyone else's.


We ALL are needed and valued in God's kingdom.

Rod Ingrouille 

A lovely message from Rev. Rod sharing his knowledge and gifts with us and challenging us to look for the gifting's of the Holy Spirit in our own lives.


Gary Hoare

Deacon Gary Hoare sharing his journey with the Holy Spirit.


We hope it blesses and encourages you, thank you Gary for sharing your experience and the gifts the Spirit has blessed you with.