We believe in the power of prayer to transform lives, situations and communities. It is a direct conversation with God the Father and we love to spend time speaking with Him, sitting at His feet and interceding for those around us. Members at Milton are encouraged to develop a personal prayer life, as well as participating in corporate prayer and intercession. Each individuals prayer life is different but the basics of what we mean is to set aside regular times to pray, to talk to God. For some people this is sitting or kneeling quietly, for others it is a loud time full of praise and worship, some like to be creative and in recent years there has been a surge in the number of people Bible Journaling. All that really matters is that we make time to prioritise our relationship with our heavenly Father, He loves us and is waiting to speak with us.

Alongside our personal prayer times, it is important to bring others to the Lord, interceding on their behalf, asking God to make a difference in their lives, comfort, strengthen and encourage them. This can be done in a group or one-to-one setting, or without the other person being with us. If you ever want prayer Milton is always happy to pray with you or for you either after a service or in the middle of the week. If you are a member your pastoral visitor can help you in this, if your not a member that doesn't exclude you. You will need to make contact with someone from the church and they can arrange it for you. 

We also have a prayer ministry, known as the prayer chain, a group of people who have chosen to stand in the gap for people and lift their cares, concerns, joys and tears to God. If you'd like to know more or request prayer please visit their page.