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Prayer Chain

At Milton we operate a confidential prayer chain, made up of a group of people who have chosen to stand in the gap and pray for people lifting their cares, concerns, joys and tears to God.

These people do not speak about what has been passed round the chain outside of the group but are dedicated to ensuring everyone can feel comfortable asking for prayer. The chain works by a request being passed along from one person to the next over the telephone, we never leave a message on an answering machine but make sure it is given directly to the next person in the chain to maintain privacy. The chain works in a circle or loop, this means anyone in the chain can start a new prayer and it will travel round so that every member is praying for that person or circumstance. When the request reaches the person who started it off they know it has done the full loop and it won't be passed round again unless there is an update to send. This doesn't mean the team stops praying though, they will continue to pray and intercede as individuals wherever they are.

The team are happy to pray with little information or in detail, often a request is as simple as "(name) needs prayer" other times specific situations are given and prayer focused in on an issue. The team also pray for people who wish to remain anonymous, the wonderful thing about prayer with our God is He knows. He sees us and hears us, He knows the hidden details and loves us coming to Him for help. We don't need names or all the information to pray, God can fill in the blanks and helps us pray when we're not sure what to pray. You never need fear asking for prayer, there will be no judgement or condemnation and we are happy to work in whatever way makes you feel comfortable.

If you would like to contact the prayer chain to pray for you can call Rob, Beth or Zoe on 01934 413664. All three of them are a part of the team and are happy to listen and pray with you and will send your request round the chain. There is a call screening in place and when asked who you are simply say "prayer chain" and you will be put through. There is no need to tell them any details you don't want to and that includes your name. If you prefer you can also use the form below to contact the team and have them begin praying for your situation.

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