Pathfinders is a group for young people in secondary school (age 11-16), we meet regularly on friday nights in the church hall. Please check the whats on page or with a leader to find out which fridays we're meeting this term


The group combines food and fun with learning about the christian faith and discipling those who have made a commitment to be followers of Christ. We hope that through attending pathfinders the young people will develop deep and real relationships with God that sustain them into adulthood and throughout their lives.

An average meeting begins with a meal together, this gives us a chance to catch up on each others news and talk about how our weeks have been. We then move into the teaching part of the evening, learning about our topic and praying for one another. We then end the night with games and activities.

At the moment we're learning about the Bible, why it's important, whats in it and what makes it different from other books. We'll also be learning about how to read/study the Bible, both individualy and within groups.

We also like to go on trips and attend local youth events, we're planning our trip to Spree in june '24 and also hope to attend the Mix in Bristol and movement events this year.


Zoe Missen: 

Zoe Missen

I’m at Milton for the second time, having grown up in Weston and then moving away in my early 20s. During that time, I had all sorts of varied experiences of life, both good and bad, and I found that the faith nurtured and grown in my teenage years sustained me through all I experienced becoming an adult living on my own. When I came back to Weston, in 2020, I came back to Milton and the warm welcome I’d always had. My experience now drives my passion to see the youth build real and deep connections with God, Church, and each other. My aim within all that we do in youth is to see the yong people meet with God, catch something of who he is and then want to build a relationship with Jesus. I love seeing children accept God for the first time. As an extension of this you will find me at various inter-church projects serving families, children and young people. I’m part of the Youth drop-in team that operates from St. Peters, the Worle storytellers who perform Bible stories in school assemblies and the experience Christmas and Easter teams. 

      collage from alpha

If you want to know more please speak to a leader or use the contact us page.